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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Gold (RDGLDGRN): “Believe me, If I died today, I would die a happy man” – part 2

   Publicat pe  2 decembrie 2013 de in categoria - Interviuri

 Like we promised you yesterday, we continue with our 2nd part of the RDGLDGRN interview and we will talk about how the actual band as grown in the last period!

RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) is one of the most upcoming success american band, formed in 2011, that already had two important collaborations with Dave Grohl and Pharell Williams. One of their songs, “Lootin’ in London”, has become the soundtrack for the racing game Need For Speed Rivals, launched last month.

Like their name stats, the band can be recognized through the three colours: red, gold and green. You will never see the members not wearing their stage color. It has become their signature.

In the second part of the interview you will find out how they grew, their story, the common things, but many other more, very interesting stuff. Don’t forget to check also the first part, in case you missed it, posted yesterday!

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Dorin Tismanariu: RDGLDGRN stays at the moment as one of the most promising bands in America. Tell me how you guys met and when all this started?

Gold: It’ll be interesting to see where it takes us, many thanks for the kind words! Green was looking for someone who can sing. He asked a friend of mine who I played basketball with, who suggested me. I met Green just a few days later, after he left me a hilarious voicemail. We have written music ever since. Red grew up in the same neighborhood as Green and was always at the studio, so it just came together because we always made music in our studio we called, “The Little Room.” Later, we added more instruments and made it a live band.

D.T.: It’s just a coincidence that all of you are football fans?

G.: As a band, I think it is a reflection of our interest in cultures. Ultimately, Green and Red became interested because of playing FIFA on Xbox. I have watched Steaua and Romanian national team matches with my Dad since I was a kid. Celebrating goals and victories with him adds years to both his life and mine. BUCURESTI, STEAUA BUCURESTI!

D.T.: I know you are taking a certain responsibility when comes about your outfits, because you only wear the colors of what your names means. Never happens to go into a shop and see something you love but is not the color you should wear?

G.: I certainly see things I like in different colors, it’s easy to appreciate, but I just identify with golden shades. It has become my comfort zone and this is what I stick to.

D.T.: Events from 2011. Are you happy about how everything turned out?

G: Absolutely. No matter where this takes us, Dave Grohl drummed on our record and we wrote and produced a song with Pharrel Williams. Believe me, If I died today, I would die a happy man!

D.T.: What is the first memory that comes in your mind when you think about all that period?

G.: I think of us quitting our jobs to do this for a living. We made a decision, stuck together, and it worked very quickly. It was magical how it played out, it also continues to be, as we travel the world performing our songs! Special thanks to our families and friends for supporting us through all this hard work. We did this together.

D.T.: To see it more clearly, how do you think a RDGLDGRN fan looks?

G.: I think we make diverse music, so I would imagine they look like anybody. Old or young, black or white, asian or latin, anybody that is alive, animals even…

D.T.: You earn some fans also after the “Lootin’ In London” came out as a soundrack of the NFS Rivals game…

G.: I have always been a fan of Need for Speed, it was really nice to have a song in their video game. Glad that these people found us!

D.T.: You have been working with Pharrell Willliams and Dave Grohl, should we expect to other important collaborations?

G.: Only time will tell, we just started writing our next record.

D.T.: Who would be the artist you would choose to do a song with, among all the Billboard important artists than may fit in your style?

G.: Andre 3000. The Love Below is one of my favorite records.

D.T.: Now, how is everything going with the European tour?

G.: Europe is great. I have family in a number of the stops, so it’s great to see my cousins as we travel to perform! I loved Italy and they were so friendly and approachable. Even the police had a nice reaction when they saw my Romanian name on a American passport. Rumeno! I don’t know how to speak Italian, but I generally said what I wanted to tell them in Romanian, with an Italian accent. They understood me, which was awesome. I want to spend time in Italy and learn the language. I think it will help me understand why our language is so beautiful.

D.T.: What’s the plans for 2014?

G.: Plans are to write and release more music and continue to tour. We’ll see if any other ideas get thrown into the mix, but in the mean time, we are sticking to the agenda of any other band trying to get out there, which is to have material and to hit the road! Who knows, maybe a concert in Bucharest. It’ll happen at some point, you better believe it.

D.T.: In the end, a message for your fans, our readers and all the people out there who had the pleasure to read this interview…

G.: As my Uncle taught me, “Speranta moare ultima!” Don’t ever give up on what you love! Nothing but the best to all.

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