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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Krista Siegfrids: “Listen to ‘Marry me’ few times and it will surely stay in your head”

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She prepared to become a teacher, but she found herself in music. Comes from a small town of Finland, Kaskinen, and will represent “the country of the 1000 lakes” in the great Eurovision Song Contest 2013!

We talk about Krista Siegfrids (27), the winner of the UMK (Uuden Mussiikin Kilpailu) contest. For the 2nd year in a row, Finland choosed UMK as a way to select the winner for the Eurovision. So, after 6 rounds and a final where 0 competitors fight for, Krista became the winner and also the one to represent Finland in the 58th Eurovision edition.

Her song, “Marry me” was chosen as the favorite one by the public but also by the judges, so it will be heard in the second semifinal at Malmö , same semifinal that also Cezar, the one who will represent Romania, will close it on the 16th of May. To succeed, the artist bets on this catchy song and a strong message. In the interview we took with her you can find out a few things about her life after the winning. Further more, you may also find answers to other questions like fans reactions, the song’s message, how it can be understood and how it all is promovated.

What happens with her first album, when it will be launched, what songs contains and what she thinks about Cezar and Romanian music – other answers that you may find only in this EXCLUSIVE interview for Romania with Krista Siegfrids. ENJOY!

Hi and welcome! Thanks for taking this inverview!

Thank YOU! Great speaking to you!

It’s already known that you gonna represent Finland to Eurovision this year. Firstly, tell me how your life change from then and how it looks now?

My schedule is CRAZY! Even more than before! But I am happy, I love being a part of the ESC family! And doing shows, promotion and my album! So life is really GOOD!

Have you ever thought that you gonna end up representing your country to a competition like this?

I have dreamt about it! And now it’s here! It is AMAZING 🙂

However, you actually studied to become a teacher…

I think teachers are one of the most important professions – we need really good teachers everywhere! Education is so important. The foundation of everything later on.

In May we gonna see a postcard shoot in Kaskinen, your city, the same city in which in 2006 you celebrated the Lordi’s victory at Eurovision. What was the reaction of the people out there when they found out that you are gonna be the one who will represent the same competition this year?

It was crazy! Kaskinen knows how to celebrate! They have really embraced all this! A real, true support for which I am really thankful.

We saw on social networks that most of the Eurovision fans see in Krista Siegfrids a combination of 2013 between Katy Perry and Kesha…

That is a great honor! Very happy!

Actually, Katy Perry and Kesha weren’t that brave to send a message as you do. What was your boyfriend reaction when heard you singing “Marry me”?

Well, he hasn’t proposed yet! Let’s hope he does before ESC – otherwise I’ll have a proposal audition in Malmö! Everybody can join! And I’ll get to choose! (hahaha)

Aren’t you afraid that at Malmo will be guys out there that will take seriously your message?

Nobody should be too serious about any messages!

We, that are not so interested in marriage, only for Eurovision music, why we should vote you?

Because, it is a really catchy and great tune! Listen to it a few times and it will surely stay in your head! In a positive way – it makes you smile! 🙂

In the song you seem very firmly. As a comparison between your daily life and the song, is it the same person?

Always totally dingdong! (hahahaha) 🙂 Everybody’s welcome to join in our team – Team DingDong!

Eurovision is soon to happen. How everything is going with the song?

Very well! The show will be great! MAKE sure you watch and VOTE the 16th of May! There’s gonna be SUPRISES!

Have you listened the other countries? What about our country’s winner, Cezar? What do you think?

I have met him! He’s really great guy! It’s my life! Amazing vocal range!

What about the Romanian’s music, about artists like Inna, Alexandra Stan, Edward Maya etc.? What do you think?

Inna is really big star everywhere and no wonder! She’s really beautiful too. Romania is big on the music I love – catchy party tunes! Music you can dance your feet and mind off!

We noticed that you work at the same time at your new and first album. What’s the progress so far and what kind of songs we gonna expect from it?

My Ding Dong album is a piece of me. All the songs are stories of my life in one way or another. I’m really proud that I’ve done most of the song myself. There will be many crazy party songs with funny lyrics. I wanna entertain people and I want you to dance and smile! 🙂 But there is also one ballad on the record which I wrote to my father who passed away when I was 15. He was a great man and he deserves many beautiful songs.

It will came out before Eurovision?

Yes! 10th of May!

A message for Virtual-Team and for everyone who had the pleasure to read this interview?

JOIN TEAM DINGDONG AND MARRY ME!!! 🙂 Hugs and kisses from Krista <3

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