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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Renee Santana: “The people can decide who they want to represent their country”

   Publicat pe  21 februarie 2013 de in categoria - Eurovision 2013 Interviuri

She came from Mexic, she is the legendary Carlos’s Santana niece, she had success with the previous song and now she can represent Romania to Eurovision Contest at the 58 edition. Exclusively, virtual-team.is-great.net will present you an interview with Renee Santana, 3 days far from the semifinal where she compete!

Renee Santana has succeeded to qualify in the National Semifinals at Eurovision 2013 thanks to the “What is love” song, composed by Mihai Alexandru. At his suggestion, Renee accepted to participate in this competition and made it through the semifinals. The both of them are not at the first collaboration. They also worked together for the song “Fly”, who had a great success in Romania and not only.

The new song, “What is love”, is also willing for success. It will be heard live, not sooner than Sunday, 24 February, at the 2nd semifinal at the National Entry. Before this happen, virtual-team.is-great.net did an exclusive interview with Renee Santana. The full interview you can read it below.

How real Renee is when she is away of the songs that made her known, why she should represent Romania at Eurovision and how the Sunday’s show will look, you will found out in our interview. ENJOY!

Hi, welcome! It’s a pleasure to get you know, thanks for having this interview…

Thank you the invite! It’s my pleasure.

We noticed that you just came back in Romania. How it is to be back here and to know that in a few days you will compete for Eurovision semifinal?

It’s crazy. I honestly do not know what to expect. I’m excited, scared, happy, nervous, but also enjoying everything very much. I love being here.

There has been a lot of articles that put the qualification of the “What is love” song next to the fact that is played by Carlos Santana’s niece. Did this motivated your or is motivating you right now?

I think it makes no difference who I am or who my family is. It’s all about the song, here and now.

How is Renee Santana far away from the songs which we know already?

I am a very happy person. I am very honest all the time, so I always speak what’s on my mind. I enjoy food, people, music and traveling! So I feel very lucky right now.

Maybe not everybody knows that you released another song here in Romania, “Fly”, a song that was very well received at radio. Tell us how you, an artist came from Mexic, got to collaborate with Mihai Alexandru and to launch a project that got to a really nice shape…

I’m a very lucky girl. Mihai is very talented and a great person. I don’t really know much about how things work here, but they tell me everything is going very good with “Fly”. I’m very happy!

Did you know that Mihai Alexandru labeled you as the best voice he worked with?

Uh, really? Hahaha, wonderful Mihai! (hahaha)

How did you received the offer to participate to Romania’s Selection for Eurovision?

Mihai’s idea! We had other plans. Hahaha, everything changed now! This is an adventure. And I’m very happy for the opportunity.

In the meantime, “What is love” succeeded in the competition’s semifinals, and the public’s opinion is pretty positive. What message should the listeners receive?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My heart is this right now. I’m working for the best. Like us on Facebook and tell us everything you think. Suggestions are welcome! (hahaha)

Why do you think this song is the appropriate to represent Romania at Eurovision?

I don’t know. I like the song! But only the people from Romania can decide who they want to represent their country. It would be my honor if it happens.

We already listened to a live performance that had brought you praise. What we should expect for the Sunday semifinal?

Honesty. Heart. Dancing. I hope and pray that do fall on my face!! (hahaha)

Did you receive any advice that you plan to take into consideration?

I take everything they say to me in consideration. I trust my team very much.

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