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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Vita Chambers: “I think I need to make a trip to Romania soon!”

   Publicat pe  3 februarie 2013 de in categoria - Interviuri

She became well know on a social network, she signed with a label at 16 years, she sang next with Justin Bieber and she has the same origins as Rihanna or Shantelle. In the first EXCLUSIVE interview of 2013, virtual-team.is-great.net has the pleasure to bring you Vita Chambers, the artist we recommended couple weeks ago, when she launched her video for the amazing song “Fix you!”.

We would like you to know more about Vita Chambers thanks to her interesting road she had, but also because she is one of  the most promising artist of 2013. Her last single, “Fix you”, is a strong pop-dance song, combined with dubstep and techno influence. However, a true smash hit that reaches everybody’s ears and wins important places in the rightful charts…

EXCLUSIVELY  for Romania, the artist accepted Virtual-Team’s invitation right away and she answered some of our questions. We found out how she got the news when she signed her first contract with a label, but also how came the possibility to sing next to Justin Bieber in his 2010 tour , “My World Tour”.  And because many of his fans recognized her once with the “Fix you” video, we also took advantage to find out more about their relationship and how he is in real life.

About “Fix you” we found out that is a very important part of her life. When we talked about her video for the first time, we told you that Vita takes part involuntary to the fights that her girlfriend has with her boyfriend, only by watching the whole thing without to intervene between the two of them.  In the end, she tells her friend to leave the house even by stealing a car.  However, all these were shoot in New York. Also there, Vita works so hard to her new album and to the other songs that will came after “Fix you”!

What she told us about the comparison with Rihanna, about Romania  and out music, we leave you to find out by reading the interview!

Hi, nice to meet you and thank you for having this interview with us…

Thank you for this interview. I’m flattered.

For those who don’t know you that much, let’s try to send them back to those things that you enjoyed the most in your music career and let’s start by asking you if you still remember what was your reaction when you got your first contract with a music company? Let’s mention that this offer came at short time after you shared on MySpace some of your songs and you were only 16, a very important thing…

The day I found out that I was going to be signed I couldn’t contain myself. I had just come home from school on my 16th birthday, after a long day of exams and my mom told me the good news. I screamed at the top of my lungs with excitement. It is one of my favourite days.

Was pure luck or did you expected that the things turn up like this?

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I guess I was hoping for something to happen, I just didn’t know what.

How come that you got to perform next to Justin Bieber everywhere in the world, in the opening of his tour “My world tour” in 2010?

My label thought it would be a great opportunity and organized it. I had an AMAZING time!

What did you learned from that tour, as a first important event that you took part of?

I learned to savour every moment because the time flew by so quickly and before I knew it the tour was over.

What’s your relationship with Justin Bieber now?

We’re friends.

In dialy life, is it any different from how everybody knows him?

Despite what people may say, I have the utmost respect for him as an artist and as a person.

Let’s come back to you. Somehow, the fact that you share the same homecountry, Barbados, with Rihanna or Shontelle, makes people to associate you with them. How do you feel about it?

I am a fan of both artists and feel honoured to have grown up in the same environment.

We notice that you already have an EP launched and in present day you prepare a new album. In what stage it is?

Still in the creative stage.

Can we expect any surprising featuring once you launch it?

You will have to wait and see.

What can you tell us about the song “Fix You”, the last promoted, the one we also recomanded last week?

First of all thank you for your recommendation. “Fix You” has been an amazing part of my life and still continues to be. Being a writer on it has given me a very rewarding badge of accomplishment for myself. The lyrics take on many different meanings for each listener and everyday I am learning from my fans about their stories and experiences. I couldn’t be happier that people are able to relate to it.

Where was the video shoot and what’s the actual story behind it?

The video was shot in New York City. It’s about me saving someone from an abusive relationship.

If we were to remake this interview by the end of 2013, what would be your favorite topics?

My second and third singles.

I take advantage that we are chatting and I want to ask you what’s your opinion about romanian music, about artists like Inna, Alexandra Stan, Edward Maya etc?

I love Inna’s music. My favourite song by her is “Amazing” and judging from the guys in her video I think I need to make a trip to Romania soon!

In the end, please leave a message for those who had the pleasure to read this interview…

I had a lot of fun with this interview, great questions! I hope that the next time I have an interview with you it will be in person, in Romania. I would love to see your beautiful country!

This interview is done by Dorin T. © Virtual-Team – February, 2013. Copy of the entire interview or parts of it requires credits, a link directly to our website!

Here is the romanian version of the interview. We wait for your opinions!