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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Gold (RDGLDGRN): “Believe me, If I died today, I would die a happy man” – part 2

 Like we promised you yesterday, we continue with our 2nd part of the RDGLDGRN interview and we will talk about how the actual band as grown in the last period!

RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) is one of the most upcoming success american band, formed in 2011, that already had two important collaborations with Dave Grohl and Pharell Williams. One of their songs, “Lootin’ in London”, has become the soundtrack for the racing game Need For Speed Rivals, launched last month.

Like their name stats, the band can be recognized through the three colours: red, gold and green. You will never see the members not wearing their stage color. It has become their signature.

In the second part of the interview you will find out how they grew, their story, the common things, but many other more, very interesting stuff. Don’t forget to check also the first part, in case you missed it, posted yesterday!

read: EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Gold (RDGLDGRN): “Romania offered me culture and, most of all, a beautiful language” – part I

Dorin Tismanariu: RDGLDGRN stays at the moment as one of the most promising bands in America. Tell me how you guys met and when all this started?

Gold: It’ll be interesting to see where it takes us, many thanks for the kind words! Green was looking for someone who can sing. He asked a friend of mine who I played basketball with, who suggested me. I met Green just a few days later, after he left me a hilarious voicemail. We have written music ever since. Red grew up in the same neighborhood as Green and was always at the studio, so it just came together because we always made music in our studio we called, “The Little Room.” Later, we added more instruments and made it a live band.

D.T.: It’s just a coincidence that all of you are football fans?

G.: As a band, I think it is a reflection of our interest in cultures. Ultimately, Green and Red became interested because of playing FIFA on Xbox. I have watched Steaua and Romanian national team matches with my Dad since I was a kid. Celebrating goals and victories with him adds years to both his life and mine. BUCURESTI, STEAUA BUCURESTI!

D.T.: I know you are taking a certain responsibility when comes about your outfits, because you only wear the colors of what your names means. Never happens to go into a shop and see something you love but is not the color you should wear?

G.: I certainly see things I like in different colors, it’s easy to appreciate, but I just identify with golden shades. It has become my comfort zone and this is what I stick to.

D.T.: Events from 2011. Are you happy about how everything turned out?

G: Absolutely. No matter where this takes us, Dave Grohl drummed on our record and we wrote and produced a song with Pharrel Williams. Believe me, If I died today, I would die a happy man!

D.T.: What is the first memory that comes in your mind when you think about all that period?

G.: I think of us quitting our jobs to do this for a living. We made a decision, stuck together, and it worked very quickly. It was magical how it played out, it also continues to be, as we travel the world performing our songs! Special thanks to our families and friends for supporting us through all this hard work. We did this together.

D.T.: To see it more clearly, how do you think a RDGLDGRN fan looks?

G.: I think we make diverse music, so I would imagine they look like anybody. Old or young, black or white, asian or latin, anybody that is alive, animals even…

D.T.: You earn some fans also after the “Lootin’ In London” came out as a soundrack of the NFS Rivals game…

G.: I have always been a fan of Need for Speed, it was really nice to have a song in their video game. Glad that these people found us!

D.T.: You have been working with Pharrell Willliams and Dave Grohl, should we expect to other important collaborations?

G.: Only time will tell, we just started writing our next record.

D.T.: Who would be the artist you would choose to do a song with, among all the Billboard important artists than may fit in your style?

G.: Andre 3000. The Love Below is one of my favorite records.

D.T.: Now, how is everything going with the European tour?

G.: Europe is great. I have family in a number of the stops, so it’s great to see my cousins as we travel to perform! I loved Italy and they were so friendly and approachable. Even the police had a nice reaction when they saw my Romanian name on a American passport. Rumeno! I don’t know how to speak Italian, but I generally said what I wanted to tell them in Romanian, with an Italian accent. They understood me, which was awesome. I want to spend time in Italy and learn the language. I think it will help me understand why our language is so beautiful.

D.T.: What’s the plans for 2014?

G.: Plans are to write and release more music and continue to tour. We’ll see if any other ideas get thrown into the mix, but in the mean time, we are sticking to the agenda of any other band trying to get out there, which is to have material and to hit the road! Who knows, maybe a concert in Bucharest. It’ll happen at some point, you better believe it.

D.T.: In the end, a message for your fans, our readers and all the people out there who had the pleasure to read this interview…

G.: As my Uncle taught me, “Speranta moare ultima!” Don’t ever give up on what you love! Nothing but the best to all.

This interview is done by Dorin Tismanariu, © Virtual-Team  December, 2013. Copy of the entire interview or parts of it requires credits, a link directly to our website. Here is the romanian version!

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EXCLUSIVE. Interview with Gold (RDGLDGRN): “Romania offered me culture and, most of all, a beautiful language” – part I

On our National Day, virtual-team.is-great.net brings you another EXCLUSIVE interview with a Romanian that was raised in America since he was 5, and now he is part of a big band!

We discovered him through Twitter, talking about football and not about music. It was even more interested that besides his passion for football he is part of one of the most promising bands in America. He is a Romanian, but he left our country in 1989, when he was only 5. He came back only once in Romania, two years later, but his soul remained open for a country that he consider being unique and wonderful.

If you will step by his Twitter account, you will notice a background with Madalina Ghenea and a lot of messages towards Romanians, supporting them no matter their activities. He also writes in Romanian and we can say his grammar is much better than many Romanians that are in the country. This fact tells a lot!

Until this interview virtual-team.is-great.net got, no other Romanian news agency presented his story. Maybe you listened his songs, but nobody truly know that among the band members there is a Romanian. A guitarist, a writer, a main key when we speak about RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green).

He is Andrei Busuioceanu or Gold as his stage name. He is the Romanian that we present you as an example on our National Day, 1st of December. He is the “American Romanian” from which we can all learn and find out what means the respect for the country you were born into, for your first and unique love, no matter how many miles away you are.

In the first part of the interview we talked about him and Romania. It will be continued tomorrow with the 2nd part in which you will have the chance to read more about his band. Until then, read it and Happy Birthday, Romania!

Dorin Tismanariu: At the moment, most probably, there are a lot of Romanians that don’t know who is Gold or Andrei Busuioceanu…

Gold: Thank you very much for helping me reach them. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire them the same way other Romanian artists and athletes inspired me throughout my life.

D.T.: You are in America since you were 5 and your band was formed 3 years ago. How your life changed after this and what was your main occupation before the RDGLDGRN?

G.: I have played music with Red and Green since 2005, and was in another band previously, since the year 2000. For basically an entire decade, I was growing musically and performing. The year 2011 was when everything changed for me. RDGLDGRN were given an opportunity to do music for a living. It has been an incredible experience, and I feel very lucky that I am doing exactly what I want to do with my life, at the moment! My parents brought me to America because they wanted my sister and I to have more opportunities than they did growing up. If they didn’t make this incredible sacrifice, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. For me, this epitomizes Romanians: wanting what’s best for your family!

D.T.: You never miss the opportunity to express your love for Romania, in any possible ways, a fact that only a few Romanians do. What Romania offered you to deserve all your love?

G.: What has it offered me? Culture! Most of all, a beautiful language. It is nice that we have a language that is in the same family as Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, no? We are quite unique in that sense, since none of our neighbors carry a native, romantic tongue! I really appreciate athletes who have inspired me since I was a kid. Nadia, Hagi, Nastase, the list goes on. Musically, I love Romanian folk music. I played the violin when I was young, and my main influence was the Romanian folk material I grew up listening to, such as Zamfir, Maria Tanase, and Paul Stîngă. My favorite Romanian rock band is Phoenix. I met Nicu Covaci in Maryland when they performed in the USA on the 18th of June, 2005. He was really kind, gave me free cd’s after I gave him my band’s cd. He told me, “We are artists and we must support one other!” I also love Enescu and Porumbescu’s classical work. My mother has made me cry many times whenever she plays Porumbescu’s ‘Ballad for Violin and Orchestra’ on the violin. At Christmas parties, I DJ and we sing and dance to Maria Tanase, Cristian Vasile, and more.

D.T.: I noticed in a photo of one of your concerts that you tied the Romania’s flag on one of your speakers and stayed there for the rest of the show. You do this often?

G.: All the time! One of my favorite bands growing up was a group called At the Drive-In. Their guitarist, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez used to have a flag by his amplifier, and I always thought it was beautiful. I did this about 10 years ago in my first band, as well. I’m proud to represent my heritage. It reminds me of any football match the Romanian national team plays, when kids hold the flag beside the team. Maybe one day I can have some kids hold each corner as well 🙂

D.T.: Should we call you the most patriotic guy from the crew?

G.: I am patriotic, but I am not in a competition with my band mates in this department. I think I’ve just spent so much time away from Romania since leaving, that it has made me love it more and more each day. I am lucky to be in a band with two Americans who are extremely interested in culture, and taking it in! As a child, Green lived in France while I lived in Romania. His family is Haitian, so he grew up with that culture, the same way I grew up in a household with Romanian culture. Red was born in the states in an American family, but he spent time in Bolivia and Ghana, learning multiple languages, which is commendable.

D.T.: Have you been visited Romania lately?

G.: Last time I visited was at age 7. I am waiting for RDGLDGRN to be booked for a concert, I would be so happy to perform in Bucharest.

D.T.: In all your 29 years, when did you felt the most proud of Romania?

G.: Probably the USA World Cup in 1994. Beyond our performance in the competition, I was so happy to be with family and friends, smiling and celebrating, eating good food and embracing our good fortune!

D.T.: You need to know that I also noticed you are a football fan, specially a fan of Steaua Bucuresti. Do you have any other favorite, where you are a fan of a Romanian player?

G.: Love Vlad Chiriches. He has the potential to be a legend. Bourceanu is excellent. I think he could play for any team in the world. I miss Rusescu, it’s a shame he went to Spain to sit on the bench, when just a year ago, he managed to score over 20 goals in a remarkable season. I love Stanciu and Iancu, they are our future and I am excited to see them grow. One of my favorite players in Romanian football has to be Alexandru Maxim. His performance in the Bundesliga speaks for itself. We need midfielders like him to be able to go anywhere in the major competitions. I keep in touch with Vlad Marin, currently playing for Juventus, my favorite club in Italy. I hope he can make noise for our national team one day.

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D.T.: What do you think about Romania’s music industry?

G.: I am a fan of the alternative music, especially what the Okapi label releases. I am in touch with Vlad Lucan, one of the founders. I appreciate their story and how hard work has paid off. I told him they need to release a documentary, so the people can witness how a hip-hop song reached #1 in Romania!

D.T.: Are any Romanian artists that you like or appreciate from a certain reason?

G.: Bean, of Subcarpați and Suie Paparude. I am a huge fan of Subcarpați, I think Bean is a genius, whom I love to share music with. Anybody that combines Romanian folk music with anything modern is a hero in my book. “Abia La Inceput,” is an incredible song, for anybody that wants to hear some of my favorite Romanian Hip-Hop. Skizzo Skillz is someone I have been in touch with for a long time, it has been absolutely incredible watching him progress into being a star in Romania. It inspires me!

D.T.: Do you remember what was the first song you heard in America of a Romanian artist?

G.: Absolutely. O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei 🙂

D.T.: When, where and what was your reaction?

G.: I remember hearing this at parties and I felt so proud, I had no idea what to do with myself or how to explain it to my American friends. On our recent tour in Europe, we went to a place to eat in Berlin. Toward the end of the night, girls started dancing on the tables and they were playing German dance music. There was only one song that they played that wasn’t German: O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei. This isn’t a song I listen to, but I was extremely happy to be able to sing Romanian verses in a German pub. Bravo, O-Zone!

D.T.: OK, I am taking advantage that we are on 1st of December and, as a last question on this first part of the interview, I want to ask you what would you bring from America to make a Romania a better place?

G.: Romania is a great place that most people don’t know about, or have a skewed judgment of. There is something wrong with every country in the world, and I think Romania could learn from America the same way that America could learn from Romania. The only thing that I can think of that truly comes to mind is equality. If you look at black Americans and how far they’ve come in the states, you realize that anything is possible. It was inspiring to watch Obama win the presidency and shake the world! I would love to see Romanians support the gypsy community and embrace equality. I realize that integrating isn’t the easiest thing in the world and that gypsies have certain aspects of their culture that is complicated to comprehend, but there is no justification or reason that we should ever be racist or prejudice towards them in any way. Following typical European footsteps in closing doors and treating them like a lower class is absolutely wrong and should be punished by law. The only reason why I have this opinion is because I grew up in America. Anybody that doesn’t see eye to eye with me on this subject should come to America to truly understand the perspective.

This interview is done by Dorin Tismanariu, © Virtual-Team  December, 2013. Copy of the entire interview or parts of it requires credits, a link directly to our website. Here is the romanian version!

Stay on and don’t miss the 2nd part tomorrow. We will speak about how the band grew, but also about the events in this last period. If you enjoyed it, please like, share and subscribe our Facebook page for further news!

EXCLUSIV. Interviu cu Gold (RDGLDGRN): “Romania mi-a oferit cultura si, mai presus de toate, o limba frumoasa” – partea I

De Ziua Nationala a Romaniei, virtual-team.is-great.net va prezinta in EXCLUSIVITATE un interviu cu un roman plecat in America de la 5 ani, care acum e parte a uneia dintre cele mai promitatoare trupe americane!

Intamplarea a facut sa-l descoperim pe Twitter, culmea, vorbind despre fotbal, nu despre muzica. Poate mai interesant a fost faptul ca, pe langa pasiunea lui pentru fotbal, e parte a uneia dintre cele mai promitatoare trupe din America. E roman, dar a parasit tara noastra in 1989, pe cand avea doar 5 ani. Nu s-a mai intors decat o singura data, doi ani mai tarziu, dar sufletul lui a ramas deschis pentru o Romanie considerata de el unica si minunata.

Daca intamplarea va aduce pe profilul lui de Twitter, o sa observati un background cu Madalina Ghenea si multe alte mesaje venite in sustinerea romanilor, indiferent de sfera in care acestia activeaza. Are postari si in romana si scrie mai bine decat multi romani stabiliti aici. Asta spune multe!

Pana la interviul obtinut de virtual-team.is-great.net in EXCLUSIVITATE, nicio alta publicatie din Romania nu a mai prezentat povestea lui. Poate au fost si persoane care au ascultat melodiile trupei, dar care nu au stiut ca in componenta ei exista si un roman. Un chitarist, un compozitor, un pion principal din ceea ce inseamna RDGLGRN (pronuntat Red Gold Green).

El e Andrei Busoioceanu sau Gold asa cum o spune numele de scena. E romanul pe care astazi, de 1 decembrie, de Ziua noastra Nationala, vi-l prezentam ca exemplu. E “romanul american” de la care am putea invata cu totii. De la care am sti ce e acela respectul pentru tara in care te-ai nascut, pentru prima si unica ta dragoste, indiferent la cati kilometrii distanta esti de ea.

In prima parte a interviului am vorbit despre el si despre Romania. Materialul se va continua si maine cu o a doua parte, in care o sa aveti ocazia sa aflati mai multe si despre trupa lui. Pana atunci, spor la citit si LA MULTI ANI, ROMANIA!

Dorin Tismanariu: Pana in clipa de fata sunt, probabil, multi romani care nu stiu cine e Gold sau Andrei Busuioceanu…

Gold: Va multumesc foarte mult ca m-ati ajutat sa ajung la ei. Sper ca voi fi in stare sa-i inspir pe ceilalti romani, in aceeasi maniera in care artistii si sportivii m-au inspirat de-a lungul vietii.

D.T.: Esti de la 5 ani in America, iar trupa in care canti s-a format in urma cu doar 3 ani. Cum a evoluat viata ta dupa ce ai ajuns acolo si cu ce te ocupai pana sa apara RDGLDGRN?

G.: Am cantat cu Red si Green inca din 2005 si am fost intr-o alta trupa incepand cu anul 2000. Timp de un deceniu am tot crescut atat pe plan muzical, cat si in privinta performantelor live. Anul 2011 a fost anul in care totul s-a schimbat pentru mine. RDGLDGRN mi-a dat posibilitatea sa fac muzica pentru viata. A fost o experienta incredibila si ma simt foarte norocos ca fac exact ce vreau cu viata mea, in acest moment. Parintii mei m-au adus in America pentru ca ei vroiau ca eu si sora mea sa avem mai multe oportunitati cand o sa crestem. Daca ei nu ar fi facut acest sacrificiu incredibil, eu nu as fi fost in pozitia in care sunt acum. Pentru mine, asta-i defineste pe romani: sa-si doreasca ce-i mai bine pentru familia lor!

D.T.: Cum se face ca nu ratezi niciodata sansa de a-ti expune dragostea pentru Romania, pe toate sferele, intr-un mod cum pana si putini romani o fac? Ce ti-a oferit Romania de merita toata aceasta dragoste a ta?

G.: Ce mi-a oferit? Cultura! Si mai presus de toate, o limba frumoasa. E dragut ca avem o limba care face parte din aceeasi familie cu italiana, spaniola, franceza si portugheza, nu? Suntem destul de unici in acest sens, atata timp cat niciunul dintre vecinii nostri carry a native, romantic tongue. Apreciez foarte mult sportivii care m-au inspirat inca de cand am fost copil. Nadia, Hagi, Nastase, si lista poate continua. Muzical, iubesc muzica folk romaneasca. Am cantat la viora cand am fost copil si cea mai mare influenta pe care am avut-o in materie de folk romanesc a venit ascultand artisti ca Zamfir, Maria Tanase sau Paul Stinga. Trupa mea rock favorita a fost Phoenix. M-am intalnit cu Nicu Covaci in Maryland cand ei au cantat in SUA, pe 18 Iunie, 2005. A fost extrem de amabil, mi-a daruit cd-uri gratuite dupa ce eu i-am dat un cd de-al trupei mele. Mi-a spus ca, „noi suntem artisti si trebuie sa ne ajutam unii pe alti”. Imi place de asemenea Enescu si Porumbescu pentru creatiile lor clasice. Mama mea m-a facut de multe ori sa plang cand imi canta la vioara „Balada pentru Vioara si Orchestra” a lui Porumbescu. La petrecerile de Craciun, eram DJ, cantam si dansam pe melodiile Mariei Tanase, lui Cristian Vasile si multi altii.

D.T.: Am observat intr-o fotografie de la un concert ca ai prins de o boxa un drapel al Romaniei, drapel care a si ramas acolo pe toata durata reprezentatiei voastre. In concerte, faci des treaba asta?

G.: Tot timpul! Una dintre trupele cu care am crescut s-a numit At the Drive-In. Chitaristul lor, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, obisnuia sa puna steagul la amplificator si mi s-a parut intotdeauna ceva frumos. Am facut asta acum 10 ani, de asemenea, in prima mea trupa. Sunt foarte mandru sa-mi reprezint tara. Imi aminteste de meciurile echipei nationale de fotbal a Romaniei, cand copiii tin steagul langa echipa. Poate intr-o zi o sa am si eu copii care o sa tina steagul dintr-un colt 🙂

D.T.: Am putea spune ca esti cel mai patriot membru din trupa?

G.: Sunt patriot, dar nu sunt intr-o competiei cu colegii din trupa pe aceasta idee. Cred ca am petrecut foarte mult timp de cand am parasit Romania, asta ma face s-o iubesc mai mult si mai mult pe zi ce trece. Sunt norocos sa ma aflu intr-o trupa cu doi americani extrem de interesati de cultura. Cand a fost copil, Green a locuit in Franta, in aceeasi perioada in care eu am locuit in Romania. Familia lui este haitiana, deci el a crescut cu acea cultura, la fel cum eu am crescut cu cea romaneasca. Red s-a nascut in State, intr-o familie americana, dar a petrecut timp in Bolivia si Ghana, invatand mai multe limbi, ceea ce este laudabil.

D.T.: Ai obisnuit sa mai vizitezi tara noastra dupa ce ai plecat in America?

G.: Ultima oara cand am vizitat Romania a fost pe cand aveam 7 ani. Astept ca RDGLDGRN sa fie invitata acolo pentru un concert, as fi foarte fericit sa cant la Bucuresti.

D.T.: In 29 de ani, cand ai simtit ca ai fost cel mai mandru de Romania?

G.: Probabil la Campionatul Mondial de Fotbal din 1994, din SUA. Dincolo de parcursul nostru in competitie, am fost foarte bucuros sa fiu cu familia si prietenii, zambind si sarbatorind, servind mancare buna si imbratisand norocul nostru!

D.T.: Sa stii ca am observat ca esti microbist, fan al echipei Steaua Bucuresti. Esti si express sustinatorul vreunui jucator? Nu neaparat doar de la Steaua…

G.: Imi place de Vlad Chiriches. Are potential sa devina legenda. Bourceanu este excelent. Cred ca poate juca pentru orice echipa din lume. Imi lipseste Rusescu, e pacat ca a mers in Spania ca sa stea pe tusa, cand acum un an a facut un sezon remarcabil, marcand peste 20 de goluri. Imi place de Stanciu si de Iancu, ei sunt viitorul nostru si ma bucur sa-i vad crescand. Unul dintre jucatorii mei de fotbal preferati este Alexandru Maxim. Performantele lui din Bundesliga vorbesc de la sine. Avem nevoie de mijlocasi ca el, sa fie capabili sa mearga oriunde intr-o competitie majora. Pastrez legatura cu Vlad Marin, care joaca in momentul de fata la Juventus, clubul meu preferat din Italia. Sper ca si el sa fie remarcat intr-o zi la echipa noastra nationala!

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D.T.: Ce parere ai despre industria muzicala din Romania?

G.: Sunt fan al muzicii alternative, in special al label-ului Okapi. Pastrez legatura cu Vlad Lucan, unul dintre fondatori. Apreciez povestea si felul cum munca lor a dat roade. I-am spus ca trebuie sa lanseze un documentar, in asa maniera in care oamenii sa inteleaga cum un cantec hip-hop a ajuns numarul 1 in Romania.

D.T.: Exista artisti de la noi care iti plac sau pe care ii apreciezi dintr-un motiv anume?

G.: Bean de la Subcarpati si Suie Paparude. Sunt un mare fan al celor de la Subcarpati, cred ca Bean este un geniu, cu care imi place sa impart muzica. Oricine combina muzica folk romaneasca cu ceva modern este un erou pentru cartea mea. “Abia la inceput” este o piesa incredibila, pentru toti cei care vor sa auda una dintre preferatele mele in materie de hip-hop romanesc. Mai pastrez legatura cu Skizzo Skillz de mult timp si e absolut incredibil sa-i urmaresc parcursul, sa vad ca este un star in Romania. Ma inspira asta!

D.T.: Iti mai amintesti ce piesa a unui artist roman ai auzit pentru prima oara in America?

G.: Absolut. O-Zone – Dragoste din tei 🙂

D.T.: In ce ipostaza si ce reactie ai avut? 

G.: Imi amintesc ca am auzit-o la o petrecere si m-am simtit foarte mandru, n-aveam idee ce se intampla cu mine sau cum sa le explic asta prietenilor mei americani. In turneul nostru recent din Europa, am mers intr-un loc sa mancam in Berlin. Spre sfarsitul noptii, fetele au inceput sa danseze pe mese si cantau muzica dance germana. A fost o singura piesa care nu era in germana: O-Zone – Dragostea din tei. Nu este o piesa pe care eu sa o ascult, dar am fost extrem de fericit sa am posibilitatea de a canta versuri in romana intr-un pub german. Bravo, O-zone!

D.T.: OK, o sa profit acum de faptul ca suntem pe 1 decembrie si, ca o ultima intrebare in aceasta prima parte a interviului, vreau sa te intreb ce ai aduce din America in scopul unei Romanii mai frumoase?

G.: Romania este un loc minunat despre care multi oameni nu stiu sau pe care o denatureaza in judecata lor. E ceva in neregula cu fiecare tara in lumea asta si cred ca Romania ar putea invata de la America in aceeasi maniera in care America ar putea invata de la Romania. Singurul lucru la care ma gandesc si care imi vine acum in minte este egalitatea. Daca te uiti la americanii de culoare si la cat de departe au venit ei in State, realizezi ca orice e posibil. A fost inspirant sa-l urmaresc pe Obama castigand prezidentialele si agitand intreaga lume! Mi-ar placea sa-i vad pe romani sprijinindu-i pe tigani, oferindu-le egalitate. Am realizat ca integrarea nu e deloc cel mai usor lucru din lume si ca tiganii au anumite aspecte legate de cultura lor care sunt complicate ca intelegere, dar nu e nicio justificare sau niciun motiv pentru care sa fim intotdeauna rasisti si sa-i prejudiciem in vreun fel. Urmarind comportamentul tipic al europenilor, inchizandu-le usa in nas si tratandu-i ca pe ultima clasa – este total gresit si ar trebui pedepsit prin lege. Singurul motiv pentru care am aceasta opinie este pentru ca am crescut in America. Oricine care nu este de acord cu mine pe acest subiect, ar trebui sa vina in America, sa-i inteleaga adevarata lui perspectiva!

Interviu realizat de Dorin Tismanariu, © Virtual-Team – decembrie 2013. Preluarea integrala sau partiala a acestui interviu se poate realiza numai cu link direct catre sursa noastra!

Stati cu ochii pe virtual-team.is-great.net si nu ratati maine a doua parte a interviului. Acolo am vorbit despre RDGLDGRN, despre evolutia trupei, dar si despre lucrurile petrecute in ultima perioada. Pana atunci, asteptam parerile voastre despre acest interviu. Daca v-a placut, nu uitati sa-l distribuiti si sa ne dati LIKE pe pagina de Facebook, pentru a fi la curent cu toate noutatile postate!

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